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mayor gray's campaign. >>> the u.s. anti-doping agency releasing details of it's investigation into lance armstrong. the agency claims the cyclist played a key role in what it calls the most sophisticated doping program in recent sports history. jonathan hunt has details. >> reporter: the u.s. anti- doping agency releasing a report on its case against lance armstrong. the agency accuses armstrong of using performance enhancing drugs during his ar names 11 former teammates as key witnesses and details the way they say drugs were delivered and administered to armstrong's teams. the report also claims winning and doping went hand in demand cycling and says armstrong's teams were the best at getting it done without being caught. armstrong's lawyers call the findings a one-sided hatchet job. >> this outcome was predetermined months, if not years ago. if their affidavits that are dated after august 23rd when we notified usada that we were not going to arbitrate that matter, whoever signed those affidavits knew they weren't ever going to get questioned or cross- examined. >> armstron
is pregnant. van der sloot was suspected of killing an alabama teenager and is wanted in the u.s. for extorting her family, but it may be harder to extradite him if the u.s. believes he is a peruvian citizen which could happen if he has a child there. he is convicted of murdering a peruvian woman two years ago. >>> a football fan after a bar fight in florida. 42-year-old chris petriy of illinois was in jacksonville to see the bears/jaguars game yesterday when someonslashed his throat inside a bar. 27-year-old matthew hinson was mad petry was talking to his wife. >>> a couple humiliated to find themselves at the center of a drug raid. here's what they did. they bought a bush at a yard sale in england, planted it in their yard, but they had no idea it was actually a marijuana plant. cops posted a picture on twitter saying it's one of the biggest pot plants they've ever seen. the couple is embarrassed at all the attention, no word tonight whether they'll be charged. >>> a different kind of food fight for a good cause, 60 restaurants and plenty of celebrities teaming up to fight hung
, muhammad executed and malvo serving a light sentence. >>> it's been 68 years since seven u.s. marines went missing in action on a training flight over the south pacific in world war ii. tonight their remains are back home buried together at arlington national cemetery. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: it took only one hearse, just one flag draped casket to carry the remains of seven u.s. marines missing in action since the second world war. they are 2nd lieutenant walter vincent, technical sergeant james csney, corporal wayne erickson, first lieutenant lavern lalithen, second lieutenant dwight eckston, private first class john donovan and corporal jack yeager. >> he was 12 years older than i was and was my hero as i grew up. >> reporter: jack yeager's nephew and niece among the relatives of all seven marines who have come from across the country for this extraordinary ceremony and burial. >> they will be in a common grave here in arlington and it's a celebration and a homecoming. we've got them home. >> reporter: the marines went missing on april 22nd, 1944, when their pa
are to be delayed at u.s. base in guantanamo bay. the storm did kill four people in the caribbean. for the rest of thursday and through friday the entire east coast of florida from key largo up to jacksonville will be feeling hurricane sandy, but only as a tropical storm, a lot f wind, waves and outer bands of rain and from there sandy marches north. in miami phil keating, fox news. >> stay with fox 5 throughout the next 90 minutes as we track hurricane sandy. you can also follow the storm's path on the website features enhanced satellite imagery, interactive models, live chat and more. >>> a former fbi agent is spending his first night in jail found guilty of killing a maryland teen-ager in a drunk driving car crash nearly two years ago. at the time adrian johnson had just been promoted to protect the life of the u.s. attorney general. fox 5's bob barnard has our report tonight. >> reporter: it took the jury two hours to find adrian johnson guilty of homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated and a half related charges. this is his mugshot taken late thursday. the 38-year
. the coolest of the weather is out to the northwest of us. of course the northwest earn u.s. -- along canada is unsettled as well. but as you get back to our side of the world here, we are warm and it looks like we stay warm for at least the next few days or so. this storm track will gradually change and the cool air will come in. it will arrive for the latter part of the weekend. but our temperature trend shows here for the next 4 days, temperatures real nice. 76 on thursday. friday back down into the lower 70s. we should average 66 for this time of year. so again, well above where we he should be. passing clouds this evening. any chance of rain will stay well up to the north of us. central, northern sections of pennsylvania and then farther back out to the west and the ohio valley as this comes toward us it will weaken, fall apart and die out. so we're just talking about some passing clouds overnight tonight. future cast tomorrow morning when we wake up, some of us will have some clouds. some of us will have some sunshine, so we'll call it sun and clouds. good part of tomorrow looks fairly
that don't let you speak with a pharmacist, don't have an address in the u.s., aren't addressed on the usda's websites and have price as to good to be true. many website says falsely claim to operate out of canada where prescription drugs are less expensive and the drugs sold by these companies can even be tainted by poisons or other substances. in new york brenda buttner, fox news. >>> you're not imagining it. we really do have one of the worst commutes in the country. will thomas has the details in tonight's fox 5 top five. >> first up apple may introduce a hot new gadget for the holiday season. several sources are reporting apple will debut a cheaper version of the ipad in two weeks about half the size and half the price. this could help the ipad compete with the kindle fire. no. 4, the pentagon says the united states is at higher risk of a cyber attack. defense secretary leon panetta said today an online attack could cause significant damage and he's urging lawmakers to pass cyber security legislation. no. 3, the fda is given the green light for a new autism trial study. they could use
administration right after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate compound in libya. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> the president's team reportedly discovered terrorist sightings the day after the attack. the national security aides and intelligence officials were divided how to move forward. it wasn't until post attack footage was analyzed days later that found impact angles suggesting gps devices were used to make direct hits. the very next day officials announced terrorists were behind the attack. >>> american airlines says all of its grounded 757s will be in service tomorrow. the airline pulled 48 planes out of service to make repairs after several seats came loose midair on three different flights on three different days. 50 flights were canceled thursday, 44 today. american is now adding an experimental faa approved device that will hold a row of seats in a track connected to the floor. >>> president obama touting a strong jobs report causing ripple effects in the race for the white house. new numbers show the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%, the lowest level since the presiden
year. the u.s. postal service is raising its rates on january 27th. the price of a stamp goes up a penny to 46 cents. shipping prices will go up as well. that is your fox 5 top five. >>> i can almost see the weekend from here. how's it looking? >> it's going to be a really nice weekend, brian, a little cooler saturday, warmer sunday with maybe a few more clouds, but it's going to be worth it and a very nice one. we've got chilly temperatures tonight, already some spots dropping into the 30s. we wanted to show you this beautiful picture here. the leaves are really changing, especially on capitol hill. as a result of shorter daylight and these nice cool nights, beautiful color coming on and this would be a great weekend to head out to skyline drive and enjoy the foliage which is peaking out as we speak, nice beautiful picture there. thank you so much for sending it in. how about tomorrow night? we've got game five coming up for the nats and cardinals at 8:37 and wanted to show you the forecast again because we do expect it to be pretty chilly with the first pitch temperature about
speaking out from bangladesh insist he is incapable of such actions and claim he went to the u.s. to study business and college and not carry out a terror attack. translator: i don't believe a fearful boy like him can do anything so risky and without any doubt i can say he is not linked with it. >> reporter: nafis is facing charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support to al-qaeda. in new york david lee miller, fox news. >> the organization behind those -- >>> the organization behind those controversial metro ads is launching a new campaign. this 1 uses images of the september 11th attacks with verses from the qur'an. the group behind the ad say the verses inspire jihad and it's important the american people understand that. the new posters are in response to the counter posters after the original ads went up. those ads called islamic jihaddists savages. >>> a major crackdown and big bust along the richmond highway corridor in northern virginia. area police departments teamed up in a 10-month operation that netted them over 100 arres
. >> nafis has connections to al- qaeda and came to the u.s. in january to carry out the attack. this is the apartment building where he lived in queens, new york. >> he gets a student visa under the pretext of being a student and a college in missouri. he comes here with again, the purpose of committing some sort of jihad. >> man was trying to recruit people, but one was a secret fbi source. authorities also say before the terror plot, nafis asked an under cover agent to video tape him, saying quote, we will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom. >> nafis did not enter a plea during a preif court appearance wednesday afternoon. >> prosecutors say nafis was monitored closely by the fbi and members of the joint terrorism task force. the public was never in danger. brian. >> president obama and mitt romney both went back to the campaign trail after last night's debate. mitt romney came to northern virginia and brought a warmup act. introduced romney to the crowd, but when romney came to the stage, he got serious and tried to appeal to the region's military time. >> un
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10